Franchise Evaluation

What Glow Looks for in a Franchisee

Glow Spends a substantial amount of time and resources evaluating applicants. We want to find the individual that present characteristics and attributes supporting the success for our franchise system.

Glow goes through an evaluation process prior to approving applicants. History shows that all the additional costs incurred in recruiting the highest quality franchisees contribute to the overall success of the brand and every unit within the overall franchise system.

The "Ideal" Franchisee

We have a different definition of the “ideal,” franchisee, however; there are some basic characteristics that nearly every franchisor is looking for during the application process. Below is a list of some of the most sought-after attributes of Glow Sauna Studios.

  • A person(s) who is enthusiastic about our service
  • A person(s) who are driven to achieve success
  • A person(s) who understands customer service comes first, always
  • A person(s) who has experience in, or familiarity with the health and wellness industry
  • A person(s) who is a quick learner and motivated
  • A person(s) with some managerial or leadership experience
  • A person(s) who wants franchisor support to launch faster and guide them
  • A person(s) who has access to the capital required to be successful
  • A person(s) who are existing or former business owners

These are broad generalizations but possessing most of these create the “ideal” franchisee profile. If you're considering being an entrepreneur and are passionate about health and wellness, Glow Sauna Studios is the place for you! Submit an inquiry to start your journey today!

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